Ecosystem Restoration x Carbon Credits x NFT
Atogail Forests enables mass environmental and social action through our NFTs which integrate certified carbon credits (classified as 'High-quality social carbon offsets' - more here). We work together with landowners, starting in Ireland to achieve this, providing them an alternative option for land use other than traditional intensive farming.
As our goal is to offset as as much carbon as possible, our NFTs supply will continue to expand over time. To protect the economic interests of our NFT holders, we will perform a tranche based NFT sale, with sale prices increasing over time. As we have received both public and corporate interests in our NFTs as an ESG solution, we anticipate this sale mechanic to provide stability in secondary market floor prices.

Not all Forests are Equal

There are many ways we could fund this project one being raising capital from VC's or institutions, however these funding options would require that we buy the land from landowners and would require us to use it to extract as CO2 much from the land as soon as possible. Ultimately we would not be creating ecosystems that restore life to an area but instead we would be planting only the type of trees that would grow and sequester CO2 the fastest - this is not a long term strategy to help the environment or biodiversity.
Everybody we have spoken to about the project wants to make a positive impact for future generations and we want to give everyone the power to help, if done collectively this will lead to quicker and sustainable action. Natural ecosystem restoration and conservation are crucial for protecting the Earth's biodiversity and achieving climate change mitigation.
Find out here why biodiversity is so important to the economic benefit of the plant.
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