How It Works

Each Forest will have different parameters such as ecosystem design and projected CO2 offsets. Generally, Atogail Forests will release a new set of 1,000 NFTs per each new Forest created and used for carbon sequestering. Below shows the real-world process behind the scenes:

Land Planning

  • A potential site is surveyed by an ecologist to produce an ecological report, providing us with information such as zoning, soil composition and viability, ecological impact, water drainage, and more.
  • Using the report information, Atogail Forests will select the appropriate native trees/flora species suitable for the local environment and for efficient carbon sequestering, all while conforming to the standards of the high quality social carbon offset.
  • CO2 offset projections and environmental/social impact ratings are determined for the Forest and published.


  • The NFT smart contract is configured based on parameters of the Forest.
  • A local artist is selected and commissioned for that particular Forest.
  • Additional content from various expert contributors such as biodiversity, historical and cultural narratives relative to the unique Forest is captured.
  • A set of 1,000 NFTs for each Forest is ready for minting.


  • In addition to ongoing maintenance and inspection to determine tree health, ecological benefits, the Forest is periodically audited by a 3rd party for the amount of carbon sequestered.
Note: Carbon credits are only given to the current holder of the NFT at the time of certification and release.